Chemical ecology

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Pickett, J. A. and Glinwood, R. T. 2007. Chemical ecology. in: Harrington, R. and van Emden, H. (ed.) Aphids as crop pests Wallingford, Oxon CAB International (CABI). pp. 235-260

AuthorsPickett, J. A. and Glinwood, R. T.
EditorsHarrington, R. and van Emden, H.
Page range235-260
Year of Publication2007
Book titleAphids as crop pests
PublisherCAB International (CABI)
Place of publicationWallingford, Oxon
Funder project or codeCentre for Sustainable Pest and Disease Management (PDM)
Insect chemical ecology: identification and production of chemical signals (semiochemicals)
Insect chemical ecology: understanding the roles and underlying mechanisms of chemical signals (semiochemicals)
Identification and provision of potential semiochemical tools for use in integrated crop protection
Delivery of semiochemicals within plant-pest natural enemy systems
A framework for the practical use of semiochemicals in field crops
Open accessPublished as non-open access
Output statusPublished

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