Plant volatile-mediated signalling and its application in agriculture: successes and challenges

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Pickett, J. A. and Khan, Z. R. 2016. Plant volatile-mediated signalling and its application in agriculture: successes and challenges. New Phytologist. 212 (4), pp. 856-870.

AuthorsPickett, J. A. and Khan, Z. R.

The mediation of volatile secondary metabolites in signalling between plants and other organisms has long been seen as presenting opportunities for sustainable crop protection. Initially, exploitation of interactions between plants and other organisms, particularly insect pests, foundered because of difficulties in delivering, sustainably, the signal systems for crop protection. We now have mounting and, in some cases, clear practical evidence for successful delivery by companion cropping or next-generation genetic modification (GM). At the same time, the type of plant signalling being exploited has expanded to signalling from plants to organisms antagonistic to pests, and to plant stress-induced, or primed, plant-to-plant signalling for defence and growth stimulation.

KeywordsPlant Sciences
Year of Publication2016
JournalNew Phytologist
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Innovative approaches to pest management
Design of bioactive sesquiterpene-based chemical signals with enhanced stability
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