Nucleic Acid (Patent US 2009/0019559 A1)

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Napier, J. A., Sayanova, O. V. and Caleron, M. V. 2009. Nucleic Acid (Patent US 2009/0019559 A1). US 2009/0019559 A1

AuthorsNapier, J. A., Sayanova, O. V. and Caleron, M. V.
TypeH2 - Patents applied for
Patent applicantBasf Plant Science Gmbh
Patent IDUS 2009/0019559 A1

The invention relates to nucleic acid derived from Perkinsus marinus which encodes a 9-elongase, a Delta8-desaturase and a Delta5-desaturase enzyme. All of the coding sequences can be transcribed as a single transcript.

Year of Publication2009
Open accessPublished as non-open access

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