Modelling nitrous oxide emissions from grazed grassland systems

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Wang, J., Cardenas, L. M., Misselbrook, T. H., Cuttle, S. and Thorman, R. E. 2012. Modelling nitrous oxide emissions from grazed grassland systems. Environmental Pollution. 162, pp. 223-233.

AuthorsWang, J., Cardenas, L. M., Misselbrook, T. H., Cuttle, S. and Thorman, R. E.

Grazed grassland systems are an important component of the global carbon cycle and also influence global climate change through their emissions of nitrous oxide and methane. However, there are huge uncertainties and challenges in the development and parameterisation of process-based models for grazed grassland systems because of the wide diversity of vegetation and impacts of grazing animals. A process-based biogeochemistry model, DeNitrification-DeComposition (DNDC), has been modified to describe N2O emissions for the UK from regional conditions. This paper reports a new development of UK-DNDC in which the animal grazing practices were modified to track their contributions to the soil nitrogen (N) biogeochemistry. The new version of UK-DNDC was tested against datasets of N2O fluxes measured at three contrasting field sites. The results showed that the responses of the model to changes in grazing parameters were generally in agreement with observations, showing that N2O emissions increased as the grazing intensity increased. 

Year of Publication2012
JournalEnvironmental Pollution
Journal citation162, pp. 223-233
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Funder project or codeNorth Wyke Research (NWR)
Inventories of ammonia and greenhouse gases from UK agriculture
Project: 5740
Optimisation of nutrients in soil-plant systems: How can we control nitrogen cycling in soil?
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Online13 Dec 2011
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Accepted17 Nov 2011
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