Molecular genetics of sulphate assimilation

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Hawkesford, M. J. and Wray, J. L. 2000. Molecular genetics of sulphate assimilation. in: Callow, J. A. (ed.) Advances in Botanical Research, Vol.33 Elsevier.

AuthorsHawkesford, M. J. and Wray, J. L.
EditorsCallow, J. A.

The importance of sulphur in promoting yield, quality and stress resistance parameters in plants has been highlighted by the recent increased problems of S-deficiency in agriculture. These deficiencies are in part a consequence of reduced atmospheric emissions from industry and the subsequent decreased deposition on agricultural land. Contributions from several laboratories, worldwide, have resulted in the cloning of almost all of the genes responsible for uptake, transport and assimilation of sulphate. This has led directly to the resolution of many outstanding questions regarding the control of uptake and of the pathways and intermediates involved in assimilation. Furthermore, the ability to manipulate these pathways is now possible and will allow the engineering of crops with improved sulphur acquisition and utilization traits. This paper reviews the present status of the molecular genetics of sulphate assimilation in plants.

Year of Publication2000
Book title Advances in Botanical Research, Vol.33
SeriesAdvances in Botanical Research
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JournalAdvances in botanical research

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