Genetically modified plants

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Halford, N. G. 2014. Genetically modified plants. in: eLS Chichester, West Sussex John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

AuthorsHalford, N. G.

The genetic modification of plants is now an established tool for plant breeders in many parts of the world, with the area of land used for genetically modified (GM) crop cultivation rising to 170 million hectares by 2012. This article puts genetic modification of plants into the context of scientific plant breeding, and describes the techniques that are used to transform plants and that define the term genetically modified. The design of transgenes is described, as is the use of selectable and visible marker genes. The use of GM crops in commercial agriculture is covered in detail, including GM crops that may be developed for commercial use in the near future. The barriers to the continued development of crop biotechnology are considered, notably the cost, the associated issue of regulatory compliance and the problem of consumer acceptance. The consequences of science losing the GM crop debate are discussed.

Year of Publication2014
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