Isolation and characterization of Viviparous-1 haplotypes in wheat related species

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Sun, Y. W., Yang, Y., Shewry, P. R., Jones, H. D. and Xia, L-Q. 2012. Isolation and characterization of Viviparous-1 haplotypes in wheat related species. Euphytica. 188 (1), pp. 71-84.

AuthorsSun, Y. W., Yang, Y., Shewry, P. R., Jones, H. D. and Xia, L-Q.

Pre-harvest sprouting (PHS) resistance is one of the most important traits in wheat breeding. Characterization of Viviparous-1 (Vp-1) haplotypes in wheat related species will further our understanding of the role of Vp-1 in PHS resistance of bread wheats. The present paper reported Vp-1 haplotype analyzes of 77 accessions of wheat related species including T. monococcum and T. boeoticum (AmAm), T. durum (AABB), T. dicoccoides (AABB) and Ae. tauschii (DD). A total of 11 novel Vp-1 haplotypes were identified in these species including three in T. monococcum which were designated as TmVp-1A1, TmVp-1A2, TmVp-1A3, three in T. boeoticum, designated as TbVp-1A1, TbVp-1A2 and TbVp-1A3, two in T. durum, designated as TduVp-1B1 and TduVp-1B2, and three in Ae. tauschii designated as AetVp-1D1, AetVp-1D2 and AetVp-1D3, respectively. Among these haplotypes explored, TduVp-1B1 was identical to TaVp-1Be which was detected in a PHS resistant Chinese landrace. Semi-quantitative RT-PCR analysis demonstrated that the presence of alternatively spliced transcripts of the Vp-1 homologues in these wheat related species. The level of correctly spliced transcripts varies among the haplotypes, and was correlated with the degree of ABA responsiveness during seed germination. It appeared that Vp-1 mis-splicing and some indel variations in bread wheats originated from its progenitors and were retained during polyploidization. Moreover, haplotypes with better Vp-1 splicing such as TbVp-1A2 of T. boeoticum and TduVp-1B1 of T. durum species might be valuable in breeding PHS tolerant wheat.

Year of Publication2012
Journal citation188 (1), pp. 71-84
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FunderBiotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council
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Cereal seed composition and end use quality
Wheat Transformation
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Online01 Apr 2012
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